Seating - Play Equipment

Outdoor seating is an integral part of taking learning outside. Seating can be part of a performance area, nature observation, story time, socialising or quiet time. A flock of sheep can be ideal for games and imaginative play for younger children. Having time to reflect is also important and sitting beneath a tree can be a quiet retreat for children who want to sit and observe. Seating allows lessons to take place outside and groups to get together for discussions, or stories, or to socialise. Children learn many skills through performing and what better environment than outdoors to enable them to develop confidence and their creativity. Timotay specialise in using natural materials and with great craftsmanship create stunning pieces that become part of the natural outdoor setting.

Outdoor Woodland Rustic Seating
This set of five wooden, level benches look great in any setting. Ideal for forest schools or nature corners! ...